Month: June 2021

  • Uno Flip: Game Night Just Got Interesting

    Uno Flip: Game Night Just Got Interesting

    So, there is a good possibility that you have heard or maybe even played the popular card game called UNO or UNO Flip, which is a deviously simple game that has the potential to ruin relations 😈 that is strictly speaking from my personal experience. However it is definitely not as bad as a round of…

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  • Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Are you looking for light dinner options? or An appetizer for a get together? or a make ahead freezer friendly appetizer? Then this Mutton Mince Potato Chops is your best option. “Mutton Mince Potato Chops” is what my husband will request my maternal aunts to make whenever we go for a visit to India. As…

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  • Army of the Dead on Netflix

    Army of the Dead on Netflix

    Zombies + Bank robbery + Zack Snyder = Netflix being like “shut up and make the movie already”. Everyone likes an action movie, whether you are there for the ludicrous premise or for the stunts and action sequences, stuff blowing up all around and the “Oh come on now” moments of disbelief. No! I am…

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  • Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk

    Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk

    A “stew” is dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in a closed dish or pan. This recipes combines the goodness of coconut milk with chicken and vegetables. You may have come across many stew recipes from different cuisines however for me, this one has scored a point and continues to stay on top of…

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  • Guess Who? The Character Guessing Game

    Guess Who? The Character Guessing Game

    There is an innate sense of accomplishment when you win a game. But some make you feel smart when you pull of a win. One such game that amplifies that feeling is the Guess Who? Game where you need to guess who is the mystery character. All sorts of games such as game of tag,…

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