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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in Abyss Blue
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Editor’s Note: The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple watch series 7 and its accessories were all purchased in Nov 2021. Before my upcoming long vacation and below were my initial thoughts about them that I had noted at the time. Unfortunately, I was unable to post them sooner due to a lot of traveling and my poor health as a subsequent result of all that travel. However, my final thoughts about them all will follow shortly.

So, in Nov 2021 I made an extremely large purchase at one time which made my bank account go like “HEY! What are you doing?” and if my bank account had a voice it would be telling the person at the checkout counter “Dude! call the man’s wife”

iPhone 13 Pro Max, cover and Apple Watch series 7
Christmas had come early that year 😆

There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s start off with the “Big Boy” the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This was a pretty big day for me as I was upgrading from my tiny iPhone 6s to the giant monster that is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I mean just look at the two side by side 😂

2 phones iPhone 6s and iPhone 13 Pro Max side by side
When you see that one far of cousin after a very long and you go “Dam, you got big cuzz”

It’s like I went from swimming in the kiddy pool and straight into cliff diving. But you know what? it was time for the eventual upgrade. I mean the iPhone 6s was 6 years old and the battery was really on its last legs (Yes! I was still using the original battery it came with). 

So, I decided to finally rip off the band-aid and get myself a new smartphone.

Which should you consider the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max?

I could have gone with the iPhone 13 pro and called it a day. But I personally feel when you buy a new mobile phone especially if its an iPhone. It’s something you traditionally would buy once and then you are good for the next few years (at least). So, a little careful consideration and rationalizing wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

I mean when you are spending $ 1000+ on a mobile phone, I would rather weigh in all the pros and cons before finalizing the deal. Same is true when considering the iPhone 13 Pro vs the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The bigger size and weight of the iPhone 13 Pro Max was going to be a potential problem but on the other hand I would be getting a much bigger screen and a bigger battery. Also the difference between the two phones would be an additional $ 100. I would rather spend the additional $ 100 now rather than crying about it a month or a year later.

I also picked up the Apple silicone MagSafe cover in Abyss Blue for the iPhone as well as I felt the two two colors would make a nice combination.

iPhone 13 Pro Max box and MagSafe cover box side by side
Great things come in pairs

Alright enough dilly dallying and lets get straight to it.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Abyss blue
The star of the show – iPhone 13 Pro Max

Unboxing the iPhone 13 Pro Max

The box has a nice slim look to it and the color of the phone matches the font color on the box. As in the iPhone’s color which in this case is Sierra Blue will match the writing on the side of the box also in Sierra Blue. That was a nice touch and attention to detail.

A Quick pull on two tabs at the bottom of the box and the lower portion of the box will drop to reveal your iPhone. Another quick peel of the built-in screen sticker and Vola! your brand-new iPhone 13 Pro Max is yours to marvel in.

On a Side note, the box does include a USB C to Lighting cable and single Apple sticker and some paperwork.

Oh Yeah, there is NO CHARGER IN THE BOX. So, if this happens to be your first iPhone or you are buying one after a very long time. Chances are you will need a new power adapter, either a 20w adapter from Apple or from a Mi certified 3rd party one like from Anker or Belkin. Also, if you wish to go the wireless charging route, then you would need to either get the 15w Apple MagSafe Charger or compatible wireless Qi charger.

Prices of Apple Accessories

I mean if you are new to Apple or if you have an old adapter, Apple kind of expects you to fork over the additional $ 58 (MagSafe Charger + 20W Adapter) if you want to fast-charge your device or wireless charge it. There are alternatives but if you want to have all things Apple then be prepared to pay “The Apple Tax”.

Honestly, my one big gripe is not even the notch it’s the lightning port. I just wish Apple would go the USB-C route for all its products so that I won’t have to carry / purchase different dongles. It’s isn’t even about the dongles but just basic facts that USB-C transfers data faster than Lightning. I mean we go complain the notch is too big, OK we hear you its smaller now. The screen doesn’t have variable refresh rate, OK we hear you its there now. The port is still lightning, OK here are some dongles and at the same time the iPad Pro’s and iPad Air have USB type C ports 🤷🏽‍♂️.

All about Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Ok, lets finally get to the showstopper the iPhone itself. The iPhone is definitely a looker, it feels very premium in your hand. The stainless-steel polished sides are a big fingerprint magnet but at same time give a very high-end finish to the iPhone.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max In Abyss Blue

It has a BIG camera bump; which definitely puts the 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max camera bump’s to shame. The triple camera setup which has become a staple with the “Pro” devices follows the same design suite with even larger camera cut outs.

The frosted glass back looks as dramatic as ever, even more so in the new Sierra Blue color. Speaking of which, the new color this year for the “Pro” series is Sierra Blue. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air as I was also quite fond of last year’s Pacific Blue and upon seeing the new iPhone in person at the Apple Store, it did win me over. Slap on the silicone Abyss Blue cover and it becomes quite the statement piece.

  • MagSafe cover and iPhone 13 Pro Max next to each other
  • MagSafe cover on iPhone 13 Pro Max

My daughter was quite excited to see the new iPhone as she describes it as Elsa Blue.  If you have the stones to rock your phone bare-backed and without any sort of protection, well then more power to you but even with a clear screen protector and with the Apple silicone cover the iPhone definitely feels and looks very premium.

Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max big in size?

There is no way around the fact that the phone is “Big” and even in my average size mitts it is still a two-handed operation in some situations. You can use it in one hand but it’s not very comfortable, the cover does add a bit of weight and bulk to the phone, but I would happily use it in two hands rather than having an unfortunate accident and crying about it later.

11 Pro, 12 Pro and 13 Pro Max
11 Pro, 12 Pro & 13 Pro Max – I know, Its not an apple to apple comparison but the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a tall and wide iPhone

The screen is really gorgeous, text is even readable bright in outdoor conditions. All thanks to the new 1200 nits Super Retina XDR Display with ProMotion (Variable Refresh rate). Which simply translates to depending on what type of content is playing on the screen it can refresh it from 10 times a sec all the way up to 120 times a sec.    

Yes, I know hardly a new feature in the Android world but a welcome addition to the iOS space. Consuming media on this screen is an absolute treat and even watching media in full screen mode, the notch is less noticeable due to its further reduced size. 

Lastly the Tripple Camera setup, well there is a lot to unpack here and I am grateful my holidays are coming up really soon, as I really get to try out the cameras and see firsthand what the fuss is all about. But from little I have tested, WOW it clicks some dam good pictures, in the right conditions.

I haven’t focused much on the battery as what little I have done on the phone it seems to be a different kind of beast, but I hope to see how it fares as my main phone over the next couple of months. All initial signs seem to be very promising though.

My initial takeaways for now on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Well, no surprises that it overall seems like a great package. I mean is it worth the heavy price tag it commands? Honestly, I am excited to see if this iPhone lives up to its own hype. I am thoroughly looking forward to my long upcoming vacation and to see what it is like to immerse yourself completely into the Apple Eco-system.  

We would love to hear if you have any feedback. Do leave us a comment if you liked what you read. Thank you!



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