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The FAQ mentioned below are there to help you answer any question you may have on us. Be it generic or specific niche related.

General FAQ about our blog

Why the name “Family Fun Tech”?

Back in 2021 when we decided to start blogging as a family we were pondering on what name would best suit our multi niche family blog. What better way to term it as Family Fun Tech so self explanatory as this is exactly what our blog is all about.

What is a multi niche blog?

A multi niche blog is a blog that writes about various topics and not just a single topic.

What is your blog all about?

Family Fun Tech is our family blog. Wherein we the family of gamers, lovers of food and all things fun share our reviews on gadgets and tech, reviews on videogames played on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PS5, reviews on toys for kids, reviews on games for kids, reviews on movies and tv series and we also share allergy friendly recipes.

Who are the contributors or writers for your blog?

My better half (Faiz) and I (Heena) are the main contributors whereas our daughter (Ziya) is the passive one with all her creativity and inputs.

Do you accept guests post on your blog?

Yes, we do accept guests post. For more information refer to the FAQ on guest post below.

How do I stay updated about the blog?

The easiest way to do so would be to subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the subscribe button in the footer below.

How do I find a specific post that I am looking for?

You can do that easily by entering the key term in the search bar on the right sidebar.

How do I find all posts written till date?

Click on the Archive box displayed on the right hand sidebar to display posts published month and year wise.

What is your ”Gaming and Gadgets” page all about?

We are a family of gamers hence on this page we share our gaming reviews on videogames played on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PS5.
We also write reviews on the gadgets and tech used within our family.

Which consoles do you play on?

Currently we play on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PS5.

Do you write on mobile games?

No, currently we only write on video games that we play on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PS5.

Would you like to collaborate?

Yes, we are open for collaboration. Do get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

What is your ”Toys and Games for Kids” page all about?

On this page we share our reviews on the toys, games and boardgames that our family has been playing with.

What is food allergy?

Food allergy as right explained by NHS refer to when the body’s immune system reacts unusually to specific foods. Although allergic reactions are often mild, they can be very serious. For more information read food allergy article by NHS.

What is your ”Recipes” page all about?

On our recipes page we share family inherited recipes as well as recipes that we have taken inspiration from over the internet and which is adjusted to our family’s preference. We also share allergy friendly recipes.

What kind of recipes do you write about?

We write about non vegetarian recipes (non veg recipes), vegetarian recipes (veg recipes), desserts and allergy friendly recipes.

Do you give credit to the recipe that you take inspiration from?

Yes, in each of our recipe you will find relevant credit given.

Can I use your recipe photo in a round up?

Yes, we would love to be included! Please feel free to use a photo with a link and I’m sure you already know this but… we kindly ask that you do not include ingredients/directions.

Are all your recipes “ allergy friendly recipes ”?

It depends. However within each of our recipe you will find the relevant recipe benefits mentioned with regards to food allergy.

Which allergy free recipes do you write about?

Certain recipes of mine are either dairy free, soy free, nut free, vegan, sunflower oil free and or potato free. Do check out the recipe benefits within each recipe to know more.

How can I print the recipe?

Within the recipe card just above the ingredients list you will find a print icon.

What is your movies and tv series page all about?

On our movies and tv series page we share our reviews on movies and tv series we watch.

Do you write about movies and tv series that only stream online?

No not necessarily. We write about movies or tv series irrespective of their streaming platform.

Guest Post related FAQ

What do you mean by guest post?

A guest post is nothing but a guest author writing an article under his/her own name but publishing it on someone else’s blog.

Which categories would you accept a guest post on?

We would accept guests post on video game reviews, gadgets reviews, tech reviews, reviews on toys for kids, reviews on games for kids, reviews on movies, reviews on tv series and food recipes.

I would like to write a guest post on your blog, how do I go about doing it?

Contact us via email and mention which category and topic you would like to write about. We will then review your email and reply back with the guidelines to be followed.

If your question is not listed here then do feel free to contact us.



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