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Kids fort building kit is great tool to improve a child’s motor and sensory skills. It helps them push their creative side and aids in their development.

When my husband used to tell everyone that our daughter is a little version of myself, I used to find it weird. His go to line would be that her hardware is mine and the software is his.

As I watched her grow, it’s wonderful to see how she has his habits but looks like a mini me, case in point is that she loves building/ constructing things which is something Faiz still loves to do. I doubt, if I was like this in my childhood days. 🤔

This DIY Fort Kit that we found on Amazon really helps a child to push their creative side. Full disclosure, sometimes she does need a little help while constructing this toy but most of it she can do by her self.

This kit we purchased from Amazon in 2020 and it has still held up well.

This Fort Kit has 85 pieces which consists of rods made of solid premium plastic along with the connector balls. Also it comes with a storage bag which is quiet good to keep all of this in one place.

We are even considering buying an additional set of rods and connector balls so that she can make a bigger fort.

Our rating for this kit would be:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. Nasrin.Suleman Avatar

    Heena & Faiz, Very beautifully put together & I enjoyed reading it. Yur anecdotes were on point.Very proud of you.
    All the best.Will look forward to more from you

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