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There is an innate sense of accomplishment when you win a game. But some make you feel smart when you pull of a win. One such game that amplifies that feeling is the Guess Who? Game where you need to guess who is the mystery character.

All sorts of games such as game of tag, cops and robbers, video games, board games, carnival games etc. make you feel good about yourself. Now I am not saying that all games are the same. Sure some require pure luck, some are skill based, some are based on your ability to perform under pressure, some are more physical in nature and some such as Guess Game are based on your ability to ask clever strategic questions.

Guess who? board game is made by the folks at Hasbro Games. This is also one from the classic vault of games that I have enjoyed playing with my smart pants 7 year old. She gets a real kick out of beating me and No, I don’t lose to her on purpose.

For those of you who may have not had a chance to experience this game before, It is a fairly simple boardgame that can be summarized as a process of elimination in finding the mystery character through a series of clever yes-no questions. So here is the breakdown;

  • It is a 2 player game (Recommended age is 6 and above)
  • Each player has been given a board which has 24 slots for character cards, both players will have the same character cards.

Tip 1:

Shuffle the character cards on each players board so that you can’t cheat the position of the mystery character.

  • There are 48 face cards one set of 24 cards for each player board.
  • There are also 24 mystery cards that each player will draw at the start of the round. Shuffle and place them facing down (the character side should be faced down) somewhere in the middle so that each one of you can take a card.
  • 10 scoring pegs for when a person wins a round they can attach it to their respective board.

Tip 2:

For younger players to get a hang of it, it’s better to start small. Like first person who wins the 3 rounds wins the game.

  • Flip a coin or do the rock, paper, scissor to see who goes first. 

Tip 3:

Since there are some male and female characters mixed in, a good opening move question would be is the person a male? or you could ask is the person a female ?this will help thin out the herd in the first move.

  • So each player takes turn by asking a yes or no question alternatively with the aim to reduce the cards and narrowing their result to get the correct mystery character of the opponent. But, do if careful if you do guess wrong you’re out and the other player wins. 

Tip 4:

When playing with smaller kids it’s best to leave out the wrong guess rule.

Here’s what a typical Guess Who? Game looks like; 

Guess Who? Gameplay between One Life Several Stories

So there you have it folks, once you get two or three games under your belt. The questions tend to fly thick and fast and the game moves at a quick pace. What is most fun about the game that it is simple, easy to understand and fun for kids, as it keeps them excited and as the tabs keep falling when only a few remain on the playing board creates a real sense of tension and excitement. You will definitely hear the excitement in my daughter’s voice in the video above.

Guess Who? Game board with characters displayed.
Guess Who? Game

Overall, our family loves to play this game as it helps in getting kids to ask the right questions and as a parent keeps you on your toes. But you might ask after a while boredom and repetition may set in, and you would correct to think that. 

Well we are in luck, as a quick google search of “guess who character replacement sheets” and you can find many more characters that you can cut out and slot into your board game that can be from various themes and favourite cartoon shows etc. 

You can even create your own character sheets, just know that you will need to make two of each drawing that you do.

The build quality is what you except for the price you pay for this Guess Who?board game. The price is listed on the Amazon US site which you can see if you click on the Amazon Affiliate image below. It’s not that the build quality is bad but it’s not overly robust as well. If your kids are not careful they could destroy the playing board. 

That being said the image link above is for the original theme/version (re-release) but your mileage may vary depending where you live. The gameplay and concept is the same but the characters could be different depending on where you picked up the game from and also which version of the game the store had as well. 

If you want a specific theme like Disney Guess Who? or Marvel Guess Who? etc. then you would need to go looking for that particular set but what I have researched the gameplay is almost the same just the player character cards are different.

Overall we as a family we really like this game as it’s filled with so much fun and excitement, hence the rating below.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We would love to hear if you have any feedback. Do leave us a comment if you liked what you read. Thank you!



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  1. W. Santiago Avatar

    I remember playing this when I was a kid. I loved it. Thanks!

  2. Michelle V Avatar

    I feel like family games are so important to create better bonds between family members. I think Guess Who is a great game for a mixed age group!

  3. Nasrin.Suleman Avatar

    Very well explained faiz n it sure is a whole lot of fun playing it with our lil one.

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