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If you are some one who has played games all your life or even a casual gamer then chances are that at some point in time you may have come across a genre such as dungeon crawler or a roguelike or both even. You may have even formed an opinion on those types of games by now. You will find plenty of in-depth guides and review for Hades but allow me to give you the quick rundown of why this game deserves your attention and time.

What is the Hades Videogame all about?

Well, first and foremost Hades is a hack and slash roguelike dungeon crawler. OK! Wait before you roll your eyes or click away. Hear me out, it is one of the best implementation of that particular game genre that I have played in the past decade on Playstation.

As the names suggests it is based on Greek Mythology. You are the son of Hades (God of the Underworld) and you need to hack and slash your way out of hell. The game combines the best aspects of a roguelike, beat-em up, bullet hell but also tells a story at the same time. 

Hades Videogame Launch Trailer

Who made the Hades Videogame?

The game is made by a small video game studio by the name of Supergiant Games. They have been making games for the past 10 years now and believe it or not Hades is only their 4th game that they have released.

Their previous work includes:

The studio is known for its hand crafted worlds, storytelling, design and gameplay. You can even see how much care and effort went while they were making Hades in this 6 part documentary series on YouTube made by Noclip.

  1. How Supergiant Secretly Launched Hades – Developing Hell #01
  2. The Chaos of Patching Hades – Developing Hell #02
  3. How Supergiant Games Create Music & Art – Developing Hell #03
  4. The Hopes & Fears of Bringing Hades to Steam – Developing Hell #04
  5. How 6 Months of COVID-19 Quarantine Affected Life at Supergiant Games – Developing Hell #05
  6. Inside Supergiant Games During the Overwhelming Reaction to Hades 1.0

Where is Hades Videogame available?

Why should you be interested in Hades videogame?

Well, if you have ever played a good roguelike game say for example “Rogue Legacy”, “Dead Cells”, “Spelunky” or “Crypt of the NecroDancer” then you already know what these roguelikes have in common? 

They are known for their absolute tight controls with regards to movement and combat. Because by design a roguelike is a game that you need to play multiple times till you reach the “End”. However a good roguelike, is a game that you want to play multiple times despite having reached that “End”. 

Hades, is that game which makes you want to go back in for more. The way it handles its story, combat, upgrades, difficulty, replayability is so subline that it should be the gold standard for anyone trying to implement story with hack and slash gameplay going forward.

If you are looking for the back of the box recommendation, then look no further.

Hades video game good and not so good features
Hades Videogame – Good and Not So Good Aspects


At $ 24.99 (USD) sometimes even lower depending on the platform that you are playing it on. It is definitely worth its price of admission and it is by far the easiest recommendation of a game I have ever done in a long time. 

It’s a simple must play 👍.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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