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As you may have read in my previous preview about the game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (click here if you haven’t) you would agree that there is an innate fun to be had while playing this Nintendo Switch game, most of it arriving from how you wish to tackle each battle situation. But there are sometimes when a situation can turn a little spicy and you could be staring at the wrong end of an enemies attack.

Here are 7 tips and tricks on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to keep in your back pocket:

Check your gear

As you progress through the game, you tend to keep unlocking new weapons and gain power orbs. So, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out to make sure that you are rocking the best gear possible. Plus you may have collected enough of coins to buy that shiny new weapon.

Check your team composition

Don’t be shy to change your team up. Because you are unlocking new team mates and they rock powerful arsenal which can be of a higher level than your current team members. Also each team member has their own unique strengths and weakness that make for some interesting team makeups.

Spec & Re-spec

One of the nice touches that the developers have added in the game, is that there are no penalty or money cost to re-spec your characters, so you can always experiment with different moves and power ups. Plus if you don’t like the path that you have taken, no problem. Go back into the menu and hit that reset skill tree button, you now have all your powers orbs back and you free to experiment a more balanced approach or in a completely new direction.

Mario + Rabbids – Resetting your skill tree

Take a minute

I know some of you think it’s fun to rush into a battle all gung-ho but sometimes it really helps to take a moment to see what’s in front of you. Take that moment too see where all your enemies are, what’s the terrain your fighting on, any good places to attack from. It never hurts to take a moment to plan your attack. You don’t always have to do a 900 IQ strategy but having said that you also shouldn’t run into a battle all willy nilly as well.

Mario + Rabbids – Take a moment to plan your next move

Slide attack

Always keep in mind which of your characters can slide attack on their movement turn. Some of them can slide into two or three enemies in a single go. It’s a free attack before your actual action turn so always make the best use of that SLIDE.

Mario + Rabbids – Rabbid peach slide attack

Team jump combo attack

Another key element is your team jump, it can get you into better position, up on higher terrain, get behind an enemy and even extra stomp on the enemies as well. If you have a character that can slide attack into an enemy, you can also combo that move with an ally nearby and do a further stomp attack and if you have more allies nearby then some characters can do multiple team jumps and stomp attacks. Also a team jump can help clear status effects of teammates as well.

Mario + Rabbids- Princess peach and Mario slide movement plus stomp combo attack

Secondary weapons

Don’t forget you have another weapon with you, sometimes in some situation your secondary weapons might be your best friend and help give you more attack options. There a satisfaction of running up on a group of enemies and lay your hammer attack on the whole group to waste them. So always be open to the fact that your secondary weapons are really powerful options and you should use them more often.

Mario + Rabbids – Rabbid peach secondary weapon attack
Mario + Rabbids – Mario secondary weapon attack
Mario + Rabbids – Princess peach secondary weapon attack

In the end, it’s a game where you make your own fun with the tactics that you use, and as the game progress the level do also scale and some of them are just mean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. So keep these tips in your back pocket and you are more likely to give yourself that big 3 star W.

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