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We are a family of gamers, lovers of food and all things fun. This is what we would like to share via our family blog.

Amongst many things that we love to do as a family, watching movies is one of them. On this Movies/ TV Series page we review the movies and TV series that we have watched on online streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Besides this on our family corner we also write about  Toys and Games for KidsGaming and Gadgets as well as Recipes.

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Movies Review and TV Series Review

She Hulk Attorney at Law Episodes 1 and 2

She Hulk Attorney at Law trailer dropped on July 24th 2022. Honestly after watching it, I got the feeling that they are trying to do too much with the character and the show. They threw in the breaking the 4th wall bits, Cameos from all different Marvel characters, comedy, courtroom drama? Guess even the juggernaut that…

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Ms Marvel Season 1 Last 3 Episodes

Having previously mentioned in my earlier article on the first 3 episodes of Ms Marvel, we are extremely grateful for Disney Plus finally launching in the Middle East. Now we have a ton of TV shows and Movies that we need to binge watch and I am extremely excited about the host of TV series…

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Ms Marvel Season 1 on Disney Plus First 3 Episodes

Ms Marvel season 1 on Disney Plus has been my wife’s and mine binge show offlate. Disney+ has finally officially launched in the Middle East (as of June 8th 2022), so now I no longer need to jump through hoops to watch my favourite line-up of movies and shows on the platform. For $9 USD…

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