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Having previously mentioned in my earlier article on the first 3 episodes of Ms Marvel, we are extremely grateful for Disney Plus finally launching in the Middle East. Now we have a ton of TV shows and Movies that we need to binge watch and I am extremely excited about the host of TV series that are soon to be launched on the platform such as She-Hulk Attorney at law set to release on the 18th of Aug 2022. But that is in the future, we are here for the Ms Marvel Season 1 last 3 episodes, namely episodes 4,5 and 6.

As described earlier the show is extremely unapologetic about its brown culture references and influences. To be fair and unbiased (as we are brown Indian Muslims ourselves) as much as possible, the first 3 episodes were fun to watch as a brown person but towards the end, we felt we were not watching a superhero story but more of a high school drama. There were some super-hero elements thrown in for fun but there was too little and not enough time spent on making the back story that would make us feel invested in.

So, knowing the show had only 3 more episodes left, I was hoping they would nail the landing and as for my wife she had already started questioning “aren’t they going very slow and where is this going really?”. Suffice to say we were both wrong. Let’s break down Ms Marvel season 1 last 3 episodes in the least spoiler-free way possible plus answer the questions if you should watch the show or just skip this one.

Breakdown of Ms Marvel Season 1 – Episodes 4, 5 & 6

Episode 4

Well, the is no way to say this but sadly it’s kind of a downhill slope from here. While there are a few good moments in the episode. For example, the part where you welcome your abroad cousins with a band and garlands just to make them feel special and awkward at the same time is a relatable moment and quite a funny one (again an inside joke)

Kamala Khan in Ms Marvel Episode 4
Ms Marvel – Episode 4

The trail of inside jokes keeps continuing, whether it is not able to handle the spice level of your native homeland or the fact of your cousins roasting you because you are from out of town. 

Honestly not sure if anyone even uses the “ABCD” joke anymore in the U.S. The last time I heard that one was in the early 2000s when my cousins had come down from the U.S but anyways the point is that it is again a very specific inside nod.

  • A boy and a girl scene from Ms marvel season 1 episode 4
  • Scene from Ms Marvel season 1 episode 4

The whole point of this episode was to discover her roots and the existence of her powers but again the writing team dropped the ball in explaining the one “thing” that would keep us hooked onto the show and make it click but it was seemingly explained by a few vague lines and sequences that made me go like “really” it was a sad let-down.

Towards the end, I even paused to see how much time was left in the episode because I wasn’t quite sure what I was watching as all the good faith that was built up in the first 3 episodes was quickly falling.

Episode 5

Well, this episode was by far the weakest episode of the lot, and it pains me to say that because both episodes 4 and 5 have some star-studded cast from Indian and Pakistani cinema alike. The acting was on point minus some cheesy lines, but the script for the episode was a total let-down.

Most of the episode deals with the controversial time during both nations’ history, the partition of India and the hand that the British played. 

  • Map of India from Ms Marvel Season 1

The matter is handled decently but the reason why almost half of the episode runtime was given to it was not justified. Quite frankly I understand why they choose to go there, as I too have heard the stories from my grandparents who lived through that tough period. But the justification of the main character dealing with it and the reason why she was chosen to become this person with magical powers and who she is are not at all explained.

I mean they had a genuinely interesting concept for her superpowers, and they could have taken her origin in whatever way they wanted because of who she is supposed to be. The writing let them down for sure because they didn’t need to spend an hour (episode 4 and half of episode 5) and not deliver on this huge build-up.

I know I am sounding frustrated, it’s because I am. I am the perfect target audience for such a kind of superhero story, but it feels like they had something going for them but were overly ambitious and got lost in getting the culture and tone right.

The ending bits of the episode did have a few redeeming points, but it wasn’t enough to wash off the aftertaste of the last hour and change what we just watched.

Episode 6

Honestly, if this was any other show I would have tapped out and not bothered to see the final episode but I wanted to know how they planned to end this story.

At the very least the finale episode of Ms Marvel Season 1 last 3 episodes was by far the best compared to episode 4 and 5. It was by no means perfect, but it was a huge step up from episodes 4 and 5 to say the very least. The writing was more on point. The jokes were not very one-dimensional and highly referenced that only brown Muslim people would understand. 

Having said that the below joke did genuinely make us laugh, it’s a bit mean and has many cultural biased layers to it.

Ms Marvel Episode 6

At the end of the episode, many questions remained unanswered and of course, the post-credit scene didn’t make any sense to me. I had to watch a YouTube video to make any sense since I am not up on my Marvel lore.

So, Should you watch the Ms Marvel Season 1 on Disney Plus?

Umm, no ☹️ AND I am saying this with a heavy heart. Despite no matter how much I want people to watch this for the culture and references, I also hoped that they would really watch it because of the story and why Ms Marvel would make an excellent addition to the young Avengers or a new generation of superheroes. 

There isn’t quite enough “meat on the bones” for the vast majority of people to understand the references or get the subtle hints and nuances who aren’t brown. More importantly there isn’t enough of a story to hold audiences throughout the 6 episodes.

But having said that, if you have nothing on your plate and are looking for something different then I would say at least give the first 2 episodes a try.

If it is something that you find interesting then give the rest of the episodes a shot. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

We would love to hear if you have any feedback. Do leave us a comment if you liked what you read. Thank you!



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