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Some people relish when they are put on the spot and some people just straight up do not do well under pressure. With that being said, the Perfection Board Game asks some tough questions from its players. Think you are good at board games? have good hand-eye coordination? great under pressure? Love timed challenges? Yes! well, then good for you. No! then tough luck, there are only 60 seconds on the clock. So, how many shapes can you fit before they all go pop? 

What is Perfection Board Game?

This board game made by Hasbro Gaming. Hasbro is a household name when it comes to board games and you might be more familiar with their more popular and well-known products like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Game of life, Scrabble, Jenga, Connect 4, Guess who? Twister etc. Most of them have been a part of my childhood growing up but this my first time with the Perfection Board Game. So, was excited to try this board game out with my family.

What is in the box of the Perfection Board Game? 

The entire board game is made of plastic including the geometric shapes. The outer frame is in dark red color and the pop-up board where you place the shapes in, is a nice dark blue color. This provides the board game with a two-tone effect. The wind-up timer is also in dark blue color with yellow and blue accented stickers that indicate the different sections for the time. All the geometric shapes are a nice bright yellow color, and each piece has a small vertical stem which allows you to have a grip on each piece. There are 25 shapes in total.

  • The game unit with a timer
  • Pop-up tray
  • 25 pieces inside the game unit
  • Storages compartment at the back of the game unit for the geometric shapes
  • No batteries are required for the timer as it is hand-operated. 
  • The geometric shapes are attached in a plastic frame, so when you remove each piece the first time do it carefully, in case there is any excess plastic on the shapes then use an emery board or sandpaper to remove the excess plastic bits. You do not need the frame once you have removed the geometric pieces.  

How many people can play the Perfection Game?

Well technically you can play it by yourself but where is the fun in that? So, the more players you have the more fun there is to be had. The game is officially rated for ages 5 and above, plus there is a choking hazard warning – due to the small nature of the geometric shapes. Therefore, it is not suitable for children under the age of 3 and parent’s supervision is advised if you have a smaller age child wanting a turn.

What is the objective and basic setup of the Game? 

The concept of the board game is simple, Be the fastest person to fit all the 25 geometric shapes into their spots in the tray within 60 seconds. But if you fail to complete matching all the 25 shapes before the timer runs out then POP goes perfection with the tray and all the pieces that you managed to get in.

  • Decide which player goes first and the order for the remaining players. 
  • Place all the 25 geometric shapes next to the game unit and mix them up nicely, so that no one gets any wise ideas.
  • Arrange all the shapes so that the handles are facing up (ignore this step if only adults are playing to increase the level of difficulty)
  • Set the switch on the game unit to the “stop” side.
  • Make sure the dial is turned all the way in a clockwise manner till the dial stops at zero.
  • Press the pop-up tray down until you hear a click.
  • When you are ready press start and let the games begin. 
Ziya’s take on Perfection Board Game

What is like to play the Game?

So, as you know that you only have 60 seconds to place those small 25 different geometric shapes into the pop-up board. Which only leaves you with exactly 2.4 seconds a piece, meaning you need to be fast & precise. Hence the good hand-eye coordination. So, in theory you will need to be a little bit faster than 2.4 seconds a piece in order to beat the clock. 

In short, the game is fun, its quick and many people can be involved as it has such a quick turnaround time.  So, you can play this game not only with kids but also with your family and friends. For me, my favourite part of the game is hearing people scream or get startled when the timer stops. You will hear all of this and much more in my daughter’s video posted above as my wife did a very good job in controlling her emotions. Having said that, for us, this Perfection Board Game is a must at our family parties as you can never get tired of playing this because there is always a need to outperform others or beat your own score. Hence our rating for this Perfection Board Game would be:

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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