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She Hulk Attorney at Law trailer dropped on July 24th 2022. Honestly after watching it, I got the feeling that they are trying to do too much with the character and the show. They threw in the breaking the 4th wall bits, Cameos from all different Marvel characters, comedy, courtroom drama? Guess even the juggernaut that is Marvel Studios must be feeling the heat in 2022 to land a hit TV show somewhere along the lines of what Loki or Wanda Vision did for them back in 2021.

She Hulk Attorney at Law

Still, I was looking forward to the release of the show on August 18th. After watching the She Hulk Attorney at Law Episodes 1 and 2, I am pleasantly surprised that I quite liked what I saw.

It is not a perfect show by any means but from what little has been shown so far (2 out of the 9 episodes planned for season 1) it is moving at a much quicker pace despite its short episode runtime. 

Feedback from Journalists/ Reviewers on She Hulk Attorney at Law

Since its release, a lot has been said about the show online. As media journalists/reviewers got special access to the first 4 episodes and let’s just say the feedback has been mixed.

Rotten Tomatoes88%
Reviewer ratings for She Hulk Attorney at Law

I for one haven’t read any outlet’s in-depth review for the show nor do I base my watching preferences on what the movie or TV show has scored on such media databases.

For me, it’s the trailer and the first 30 mins of a movie or the first few episodes of a show that decide if I would like to carry on with it or move on from it.     

Now, if you are like my wife who didn’t happen to see the trailer for the show nor does she have any form of context for the comic character or its backstory. Then no problem because right off the bat the show comes swinging. Within the first 3 minutes you get to know the main character “Jennifer Walters” who is a lawyer and that she is a “Hulk” plus she breaks the “4th wall” a couple of times as well. 

The character of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is played by the very talented actress Tatiana Maslany who you may recognise from her outstanding work in the TV show Orphan Black.  

Summary of She Hulk Attorney at Law Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1 – She Hulk

One of the main problems of the “Ms Marvel” show was that it was too slow in taking off. Well, then Mr fussy pants here is She-Hulk then as it is off to a rocket start from the blocks.

And this has been the underline tone of the first episode “come on these people came to see the big green lady” let’s go people. It very quickly moves into the character’s origin story and as it has become a tradition on Marvel shows. They have their own take on a character’s origin story, not that I have an issue with that. But the way it is done in She-Hulk makes you want to believe that not only was the original hulk dangerous in his big green raging form (before he became smart hulk) but timid sweet old Dr. Bruce banner is like a walking bio-weapon in his human form 😱.

Hulk and She Hulk in a car scene from She Hulk series
Genius runs in the family – She Hulk

Very quickly we get to the point of how Jennifer Walters becomes another Hulk but how she is so different from her cousin Bruce when he transforms into the hulk. How it took him years to master his rage and become one with his brains & brawn form aka smart hulk but Jennifer can do it at will and she is inherently much better than him in almost every way.

Close up shot of She Hulk
She-Hulk > Smart-Hulk ?

The way in which most of this is dealt with the fact that because she is a woman, who has to live in a male-dominated society and work culture and not that there is anything wrong with what’s being said. Its is just that because the way it is written in the show somehow comes off as a cop-out. It cheapened the moment for the character in what should have been a more important part of the characters development. Who knows maybe they do a better job in the remaining episodes.

There are jokes which do land well if you have a little back story of what a hulk is or if you have watched any of the previous Marvel movies. The refreshing part of the character is that she wants nothing more than to go back to being her normal human self. She hates the very idea of being a superhero.

Many ester eggs are sprinkled during the interactions between the two hulks and what comes across is a more human side of the hulk which is a good thing, you actually see the hulk being jealous of his cousin as she is much better than him in being a hulk. What took him years to master is taking his cousin for what feels like only weeks, it is like watching a younger sibling being extremely good at a sport in which you are supposed to be the king and the worst part is that they aren’t even trying to be good.          

The episode ends with the world finding out that she is the hulk and even in those moments there are some good feminine touches which I thought was a clever touch.
Each episode ends with a post-credit scene and let’s just say that for the first episode it portrays Captain America as a not-so-goody two-shoe hero as we know him.

Episode 2 – She Hulk

Episode 2 of She Hulk picks right back from we left off in episode 1 and surprisingly enough it had a much shorter run time than the first one.

It shows the struggle of trying to be a lawyer and also a hulk. This is the episode in which she “officially” gets the name She-Hulk. The theme of the previous episode continues where she more than anything else just wants to be a lawyer. Plus now she has to deal with the added family drama of being the other hulk in the family while also being unemployed and single.

A dinner table scene from She Hulk Attorney at Law
Dinner with family are always the best, right?

I think her best friend Nikki Ramos played by the actress Ginger Gonzaga who does an extremely believable role as Jennifer’s best friend and is one of the show’s gems.

The majority of the episode deals with her trying to find a new job and when she does land a one it leads to a very sticky conflict of interest type of situation for her.

The most baffling part of the episode where the clothes physics as it didn’t make in this episode and yes I hear myself but trust me when you see it you will know what I mean.

Scene from She Hulk
This scene messed with my brains

The post-credit scene in this episode is very believable and shallow. Honestly, if I had an immediate family member who was a hulk I too maybe be tempted to use their services 😳 🙈

The episode despite being shot did have some good moments where some jokes were better than others but I can’t help but feel like the writing is a bit patronising and can sometimes come off a bit condescending. I do hope the writing picks up in the later episodes.

There were some moments of the episode when I had to explain to my wife why a certain scene was a bigger deal because she hasn’t watched all of the marvel movies, so that moment or reference was lost on her. Also, I was expecting more “4th wall breaking” but not sure if I feel relieved or let down by it. 

Verdict – She Hulk Attorney at Law Episodes 1 and 2

The show is following a weekly release schedule and both the Mrs and I are looking forward to seeing what the next episodes have in store and how they plan to end the season.

  • Episode 3 – Sep 1st 2022
  • Episode 4 – Sep 8th 2022
  • Episode 5 – Sep 15th 2022
  • Episode 6 – Sep 22nd 2022
  • Episode 7 – Sep 29th 2022
  • Episode 8 – Oct 6th 2022
  • Episode 9 – Oct 13th 2022

Now that’s a long release window considering the first episode aired on the 18th Aug so it can go either way and after watching the first two episodes of the season, I almost feel like the show should end with the iconic “That’s all Folks” title card from the Saturday morning Looney Toons cartoons that I used to watch as a kid.

The end credits frame from Looney Toons cartoon
A missed opportunity

Because the show doesn’t want to take itself seriously and doesn’t expect it from its audience either. With such a short run time per episode and weekly release cycle, you can go too fast and not land anything in the process or maybe the writing in the later episodes will make up for the quicker pace and maybe the jokes will be funnier? Only time will tell.

So, as it stands it She Hulk Attorney at Law Episodes 1 and 2 has been a decent show for us, the VFX is fine and the action sequences are limited. The overall design of the character isn’t off-putting and we hope it doesn’t let us down.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We would love to hear if you have any feedback. Do leave us a comment if you liked what you read. Thank you!



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