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  • Mutton Chops in Black Pepper: 2 Delicious ways to make

    Mutton Chops in Black Pepper: 2 Delicious ways to make

    These Mutton Chops in Black Pepper which can be prepared in 2 deliciously different ways with minimal ingredients is your savior for times when you need to prepare an extra dish just because not all like eating the one main dish that you plan to make or even for those times when you have a…

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  • Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    How many of you out there have a tough time satisfying the taste buds of foodies who are picky eaters? Well my mother was one of them my dad was an absolute foodie and I on the other hand was an extremely picky eater who loved all kinds of kebab and fried items. So the…

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  • Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Are you looking for light dinner options? or An appetizer for a get together? or a make ahead freezer friendly appetizer? Then this Mutton Mince Potato Chops is your best option. “Mutton Mince Potato Chops” is what my husband will request my maternal aunts to make whenever we go for a visit to India. As…

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