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  • Smoked Seekh Kebab Biryani

    Smoked Seekh Kebab Biryani

    If you have known me for a while now then you would have realised that I am totally for variations when it comes to cooking something. I cannot serve monotonous dishes for very long. This Smoked Seekh Kebab Biryani is one of the outcomes of me beating monotony. So we celebrated Eid Al Adha last…

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  • Mutton Keema Biryani Without Food Colour

    Mutton Keema Biryani Without Food Colour

    How do you make a dish that is rich yet simple to make? This Mutton Keema Biryani without food colour is that simple and tasty recipe that can be a star dish of your dinner hosting for your friends and family. Usually when I speak about making biryani, I always mention that its quite a…

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  • Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    How many of you out there have a tough time satisfying the taste buds of foodies who are picky eaters? Well my mother was one of them my dad was an absolute foodie and I on the other hand was an extremely picky eater who loved all kinds of kebab and fried items. So the…

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  • Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Have you spent hours figuring out what to cook wherein your brain is of little or no help? Well, this happens to me quiet a bit. In fact it has happened to me lately when the aroma of vegetable pulao from my neighbors house has come to my rescue 😄. This is how having a…

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