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  • Mutton Curry with Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves

    Mutton Curry with Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves

    Goat meat (Mutton) is a lean meat rich in calcium and potassium whereas fenugreek leaves (Methi) improves blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and improves digestion. Combining these two in the form of a Mutton curry brings out a distinct flavor. In this post I will show you an easy way to prepare this mutton curry…

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  • Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

    How many of you out there have a tough time satisfying the taste buds of foodies who are picky eaters? Well my mother was one of them my dad was an absolute foodie and I on the other hand was an extremely picky eater who loved all kinds of kebab and fried items. So the…

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  • Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Have you spent hours figuring out what to cook wherein your brain is of little or no help? Well, this happens to me quiet a bit. In fact it has happened to me lately when the aroma of vegetable pulao from my neighbors house has come to my rescue 😄. This is how having a…

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  • Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Mutton Mince Potato Chops

    Are you looking for light dinner options? or An appetizer for a get together? or a make ahead freezer friendly appetizer? Then this Mutton Mince Potato Chops is your best option. “Mutton Mince Potato Chops” is what my husband will request my maternal aunts to make whenever we go for a visit to India. As…

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  • Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk

    Chicken Stew with Coconut Milk

    A “stew” is dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in a closed dish or pan. This recipes combines the goodness of coconut milk with chicken and vegetables. You may have come across many stew recipes from different cuisines however for me, this one has scored a point and continues to stay on top of…

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