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  • Sony PlayStation Showcase Event 2021

    Sony PlayStation Showcase Event 2021

    So, the Sony PlayStation Showcase event happened on the 9th of September 2021 and boy was it a doozy. Incase you were like me and somehow completely missed it. The entire event is available at the link below, also it is unfortunately age restricted due to the violent nature of some games that were shown. Having…

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  • Is it a New Switch though?

    Is it a New Switch though?

    So on the 6th of July Nintendo finally announced their new Switch version or should I say revision. To be honest I mostly have mixed feelings about it. We have been using the Switch as our go to console since we bought it last November in the year 2020. Despite of being well aware that there…

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  • Gaming News 21/02/2021

    Gaming News 21/02/2021

    Nintendo had released their 50 min direct, where they announced what games were coming to the switch in 2021 & 2022. See the video below 👇 Key takeaways for me from the direct were: Mario Golf Splatoon 3 Animal Crossing Mario Update Legend of Zelda – Skyward sword HD (this last one is up for debate as the word on street…

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