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  • Kadai Paneer Made Simple

    Kadai Paneer Made Simple

    Today on OneLifeSeveralStories, Farhana guest blogs her recipe on Kadai Paneer. Farhana and I have been to the same school and have been classmates as well. Unfortunately I had lost touch with Farhana for quiet some years however we got re-united thanks to social media and are common school friends. Farhana has been sharing a…

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  • Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

    Have you spent hours figuring out what to cook wherein your brain is of little or no help? Well, this happens to me quiet a bit. In fact it has happened to me lately when the aroma of vegetable pulao from my neighbors house has come to my rescue 😄. This is how having a…

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