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It will be almost a year since the first teaser trailer of “The Batman” dropped at the DC FanDome event. Where we got to see the first real look at director Matt Reeves’s vision for the iconic capped crusader – Batman.

Now, I know that it has been 11 months+ since the trailer dropped and it has over 32 million views on YouTube but why talk about it now? When it’s still another good 7 months away (hopefully making its March 2022 release date).

Well the answer is quite simple;

  1. I didn’t have a platform back then to express my views on the subject.
  2. Honestly, I had forgotten that the trailer had come out.
  3. I recently discovered the fan made animated trailer based on the original trailer.
  4. We have really had a wide gambit of Batman movies over the years.

I have always been a fan of superhero movies be it DC or Marvel but out of all the comics I have read over the years, Batman still holds a special place in my heart. First off, he is just a man who is incredibly wealthy, smart, dangerous, sharp, resourceful etc. but also a broken and deeply flawed man at times. 

So it’s been a real roller coaster of a ride to see his many portrayals throughout the years be it in comic books, movies, T.V series or even in video games. Now coming back to the latest version of the capped crusader’s depiction, in the new upcoming movie “The Batman” 


The below two trailers are showing scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised.

DC FanDome – WB teaser trailer
Fan made animated version of the teaser trailer – created by “TheArt91Lee”

Now there is quite a lot to unpack in this teaser trailer and honestly for the life of me I can’t remember why I did not have a much stronger reaction to this when it came out 11 months ago. I somehow only felt and noticed it more when I saw the animated fan made one and went and re-watched the original teaser again.

Never has the sound of duct tape been so unnerving and disturbing and director’s Matt Reeves version of the “Riddler” is honestly a breath of fresh air (No pun intended whatsoever).  Honestly the Riddler has never been portrayed in movies as a villain that inspires fear or terror. I mean sure, one can argue that veteran actor Jim Carrey’s performance as the Riddler (Batman Forever 1995) was terrifying but not for the intended reasons. 

So then, allow me to present to you the Riddler that we got back in the day and for those of you that have blocked this from your memory I apologise in advance. This refresher is mainly for the people that might have skipped the movie or it was before their time.

Jim Carrey as Riddler – Batman Forever 1995

I mean sure the character was unhinged and deranged but never once throughout the movie you got a sense of like my dude in the green onesie is truly terrifying (again for the right reasons). Now cut to the glimpse of what we just got in the first 15 seconds of “The Batman” trailer.  

The tone of this villain is completely different, you get a very menacing vibe of him and from what little we get to see throughout the trailer, this Riddler means business as he doesn’t give much about the consequences of his actions. Actor Paul Dano who plays the role of Riddler this time around does a great job in conveying the feeling of terror in what little glimpses we get to see of him and his motives in the trailer. 

Batman’s only ally in the G.C.P.D makes a return, none other than James Gordon. Who is played by Jeffery Wright and he really nails the look and feel of the iconic comic book character.

Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon

We also get our first look at the capped crusader himself “Batman” and I will happily admit, I was wrong about vampire lover boy Robert Pattinson. I mean when he was first announced as the next Batman I was like Man! We are just starting to get over Ben Affleck’s Batman and now this. 

Robert Pattinson from Twilight

“Oh come on now you expect me to believe that this guy is the next Batman” 

But was I ever so wrong, just look at Him! I mean is that even the same dude. Yes, I know it is but he has really taken the part and made it into his own unique look and boy does it work.  

Director Matt Reeves said that this Batman in the movie is more of a year 2 Batman, who is finding himself and not so much of an origin story but more of a defining story. The way Bruce Wayne / Batman carry themselves in the movie its clear to see that the characters are going to be dealing with some uncomfortable truths.  

Next up we get everyone’s favourite femme fatale Catwoman this time played by Zoe Kravitz. Who is not wearing her cat suit but if it wasn’t obvious who this character is, they went and gave cat ears to her ski-mask just to make overly sure that you don’t mistake her for any other cat burglar.

I am just hoping that the writers and director have not gone for an overly objectified character as previously portrayed in past Batman Films and actually written her character well and not given her dialogues like “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend & Meow”   

Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman
Halle Berry as Cat Woman

Apart from Riddler being the main villain of the movie, we also get a glimpse of what other villains are in store for our Hero. Cut to the Penguin, who is played by Colin Farrel and I must say I like this new look for the Penguin (no offence to Danny Devito).

1 min 36 secs into the trailer is the moment that defines the tone of the movie that this Batman wants to send a message and he isn’t holding back. Even I felt sorry for the henchmen after that 10 sec encounter.

The trailer is almost like a love letter to Batman fans. 

  • Broody dark troubled batman
  • Only friend in the G.C.P.D James Gordon
  • Crazed Villain – Riddler
  • Anti-hero / Outsiders – Catwoman
  • Batmobile & bat toys – Batcave
  • Badguy squad – Mob family & Penguin
  • Cops hate batman
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Batman can actually fight
  • No overly deep husky voice

Ok, the last one I admit is mostly a me problem with the whole Christian Bale’s Batman but apart from that even the music of the trailer is so on point. I had to google that one and surprise surprise it turns out to be Nirvana’s – Something in the way. Even the red title card towards the end just cements the darker tone of this movie.      

Now coming to the fan made re-created teaser trailer. The fact this was actually so well made, it forced me to go back and watch the original trailer again. So props where props are due. When the same soundtrack is applied to this art style, it just brings the trailer to a whole another level. Now I am somehow wishing that this was not a movie but more of a T.V series in this art style. The art and animation style just makes the already darker theme even more gritty and in your face. There is no doubt that “TheArt91Lee” is an extremely talented individual. 

That being said hopefully this new take on Batman can live up to all the hype and expectations and deliver on its darker storyline. I for one cannot wait for the official trailer to drop and the movie. If I am being totally honest with myself, I kind off don’t even want the official trailer just drop the movie on the scheduled time.     

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