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Sooooo…. you can make the website logo, right?

She said it with a smile and full of confidence, besides how hard can it be for you? You can draw right! 😱 There were so many things I could have said at that moment but none of it would have been smart and argument wining though, 😓 but I took it as a challenge and boy was I in for a ride.

As it turns out for someone’s who occasionally dabbles in doodling, it’s extremely hard to convert a simple clients brief into what they are exactly expecting. I tip my hat to all of you who do this for a living seriously. 👍

So a simple basic sketch on paper and a lot of man-hours of looking at reference material, I had a rough design of what the Mrs. was looking for.

The Student and Sensei at Work

As usual, I had my trusty assistant by my side, daughter dearly is a constant input of opinions and ideas and she doesn’t sugarcoat her opinions either. She is definitely gone on the wife for this trait. 😅

The next was to try and replicate the rough design into digital artwork, and honestly many many frustrating hours later I was getting back into the grove and the hours just flew by as I chipped away trying to get ever closer to her ideal logo.

30-sec supercut ( made using Procreate)

Turns out when you don’t draw on a daily basis, its really hard to get up one fine day and say Hey! today I will draw the Mona Lisa. 😑

In the end, I am quite happy with the logo, but I still have a few ideas in the head to try something different with it, so who knows maybe next time around we might get to see an updated version of it. Until then, Welcome to our space!

Logo of One life several stories

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  1. Amanda / Introvert Proofing Avatar

    This is such a sweet post! I love the family dynamic of your blog. And the story of your logo sounds just like me DIYing with my family.

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