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We are a family of gamers, lovers of food and all things fun. This is what we would like to share via our family blog.

On this page we share are review of toys and games for kids; be it construction toys review, card games review or board games review. These are the toys and games that our daughter Ziya plays with. Each one of them have added value to her development some way or another.

Besides this on our family corner we also write about Movies and TV SeriesGaming and Gadgets as well as Recipes.

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Toys for Kids Review

The Magic of Pixel Fuse Beads

Over the recent Christmas and New Year holidays, my daughter got her very first DIY Pixel Fuse Bead Kit as a gift (also known as Perler Beads in other regions). Seeing that DIY Crafts Kit brought back a lot of fond memories as I too had played with them as a child, but we used…

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Magnetic Shapes: Fun Indoor Kids Activities

Playing with Magnetic shapes is an amazing imagination building and learning tool and one of the fun indoor kids activities. It helps develop their spatial and motor skills and helps boost their morale and build their confidence as well. There comes a time in every parent’s life, wherein they are unable to give their child…

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LEGO Blocks – Building Memories One Block at a Time

The name “LEGO” is actually derived from an abbreviation of two Danish words “leg” and “godt” which translated into English simply means “play well”. Role of LEGO in child’s development LEGO is one such toy that encourages independent play and allows the child to be as creative and imaginative as humanly possible with no limitations. …

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Games for Kids Review

Easy Party Games for Kids – Age group 6 to 19

Planning a birthday party and organizing easy party games for kids can be either a very exciting moment or your worst nightmare. Especially if its your kids party because as a parent you would like to keep those little monsters entertained as much as possible. In our situation, my wife has been planning our daughter’s…

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Top Trumps Card Game – A Blast from the Past

Went in for a Happy Meal and walked out with the unexpected happy memories of Top Trumps 😊. In this blogpost I will share with you details on how easy it is to play the game that will help you create wonderful memories with your friends and family. As our daughter gets older, her love…

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Mouse Trap Game – Family game night got more cheesy

Did you know that Mouse Trap game was first published in 1963 😲 and has been in publication ever since. Even I was quiet astonished. Well for being in publication for such a long period of time tells us that the boardgame is actually worth it. Now with a board game that is essentially 59…

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