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Did you know the rewards for clearing combat rooms in hades?

By One Life Several Stories

April 12, 2022

Chthonic Key

Used to unlock Infernal Arms (weapons) and also used at the Mirror of Night to unlock more abilities


Used to upgrade abilities at the Mirror of Night (permanent upgrades)


Used for renovating the underworld including the House of Hades. Yes, Hades has a personal house contractor.

Centaur Heart

Used as gifts to be given to NPC and also used to increase Zagreus’s max health by 25 but only for that particular run. It resets on his death.


Used as gifts to be given to Non Playable Characters (NPC) that you will meet throughout the game.

Charon’s Obol

Coins that you collect for defeating enemies but a large amount of it can also be found as a room reward. Money is used at Charon’s shop or at the Well of Charon to buy items and boons.

Daedalus Hammer

Used to change the way your current equipped weapon for that run behaves. Essentially changes the attack pattern or damage output.

Poms of Power

Used as an upgrade to your existing Boon’s power. If more than one boon is present you can choose which one you would like to level up.


Are status traits granted to Zagreus by the Olympian Gods. Each god’s boon has a unique status effect / trait depending on the god that granted it.

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